From your child's first cry upon entering the world to that long awaited "I love you", your child's voice is music to your ears. This CD was designed for young children by a mom and music therapist who is learning everyday the trials and successes of speech development both typical and delayed. I hold this project close to my heart as my inspiration came from both the joy of watching speech develop and the heartache of watching a child stuggle to be heard. Therefore, my goal was to find a way to facilitate speech development in a fun, systematic and most importantly success-oriented way. I believe Sing Out! does just that!

For other instances of learning how to sing, we have partners around the country. One of our partners, Music To Your Home teaches singing lessons in NYC for all individuals interested in learning. A huge aspect as to why they're amazing is the proper vocal care and attention they provide to your child.

There are many cases where music therapy is useful to many types of children, even those with impairments. Those with hearing impairments have the chance to learn through the use of ASL interpreters. These interpreters will work together with the child to effectively teach the basics of speech therapy.

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